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Infant Program

Our Maple Grove campus offers an Infant program for children between the ages of 6 weeks and 18 months.

Our infant room is designed with their needs in mind: comfortable beds and furniture, life-like wooden materials and equipment simulating numerous objects they will encounter in daily life.

A separate, private and quiet sleep room is also available for our infants to allow for uninterrupted rest. Music is played during sleep time to comfort and relax them during their naps.

The eating area has comfortable high-chairs and small, sturdy tables and chairs, providing the child with different way to eat. Plates, utensils and even drinking cups are all part of the eating area.  Our play area offers ample space for movement, gross and fine motor development, social interaction, and cognitive and emotional development.

Infant learning is largely relationship and context dependent: the support and interaction of adult caregivers are critical to the growth and learning of these youngest children.  When experiences are planned and tailored to the developmental needs of infants, they become engaged, active learners.

Our 1:3 teacher to student ratio makes sure every infant receives individualized care he or she needs.  Our approach of freedom within limits is applied and every child can develop at his/her own pace. We work with each parent to develop learning objectives for the child at the beginning of the semester and review his/her progress with you twice a year during our parent-teacher interviews.

We invite you to come and experience our Infant program, as a home-away-from-home caring and learning environment.

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