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Western Heights Montessori Academy offers an admission process that aims to provide families with the opportunity to experience our program and decide if it is suitable for their child. We collaborate with parents as partners during the onboarding phase to identify each child’s main learning goals and create a tailored development plan based on their parents’ objectives. Our program enrollment process involves three straightforward steps.


We invite families to visit our program in person either through an open house or a scheduled tour. Our tours are interactive and serve as a platform for parents to gain insights into our Montessori program and their child’s learning environment. Moreover, it provides us with a chance to get to know each other better. We suggest early morning tours, as most of our classrooms have structured learning time during that period. Additionally, during the tour, you can discuss the essential learning goals you have for your child with our Supervisor and Teacher.


If you enjoy what you see and hear on the tour, you will be scheduled for another in-person observation and entrance assessment visit with your child before submitting your application. During this second visit, the teacher will welcome your child into their classroom and offer the opportunity to use various Montessori materials. Your child will be paired with a student who will introduce them to the class. The teacher will evaluate your child’s learning style, interests, social and emotional readiness, and previous academic experience (if applicable). Based on our observations and your feedback, we will create a personalized learning plan for your child. This visit will also help your child become familiar with the new environment and make the transition to the program smoother.


Once you have completed your visit, you will need to submit your child’s previous semester’s report card (if he/she has been to a school or child care centre), fill out our application form, and include the necessary deposit. Acceptance of new students into Western Heights Montessori Academy will depend on the availability of space. If a class is already full and there are no openings, your child’s name will be added to a waiting list, and we will inform you as soon as space becomes available. We are excited to begin this educational journey with you and your child!

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