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About Montessori

The Montessori Method: Child-centered learning,  is an educational approach developed by Dr. Maria Montessori, which focuses on a child centered learning environment that encourages children to initiate their own learning. This approach emphasizes the development of the whole child, including their physical, social, emotional, and cognitive growth. It has been successful for over 100 years in various cultures around the world. 

In contrast, traditional education focuses on rote knowledge and external discipline, with the teacher being the primary enforcer of rules. The Montessori Method emphasizes individual and group instruction that adapts to each student’s learning style, as well as mixed-age grouping that encourages children to collaborate, teach, and help one another. Children in Montessori education are given the freedom to choose their own work based on their interests and abilities, and they work at their own pace. They also have access to multi-sensory materials that encourage physical exploration and development. Additionally, Montessori education places a significant emphasis on learning how to care for oneself and the environment.

Parents are encouraged to participate in the learning process and understand the Montessori philosophy, which is not typically the case in traditional education. Overall, the Montessori Method offers a child-centered, holistic approach to education that supports the development of engaged, competent, responsible, and respectful citizens.

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