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Why Us

Western Heights Montessori Academy is a place where children aged between 15 months and 6 years old can experience a unique learning and social environment. Our program is customized to fit each child’s individual needs and the busy schedules of their parents. Our aim is to become the best Montessori school in the communities we serve.

Our teachers are highly experienced, qualified and compassionate educators. We follow a rigorous process when hiring teachers to ensure that they provide the best possible experience and education for your child. We believe that teachers are the foundation of a great Montessori experience. Learn more about our teachers’ qualifications and backgrounds here. 

We develop a customized learning plan for each child at Western Heights Montessori Academy, based on the Montessori principles. We evaluate each child’s learning needs carefully and create a plan that suits their pace and style of learning.

We provide easy-to-use technology-enabled parent-teacher communication tools, enabling parents to receive regular updates and provide feedback throughout the semester. Along with twice-a-year parent-teacher interviews, we send regular reports on your child’s progress, and you can work with our teachers to adjust the learning plan.

We offer enriched French, Mandarin and Music classes, starting from the Toddler stage, to promote brain development in children. At Western Heights, every student is known to every staff and teacher, creating a close-knit community. We limit our student numbers to ensure personalized attention to each child.

We provide freshly-made-on-site meals and snacks that are nutritious, delicious, and cater to many dietary and allergy requirements. Our menu is designed with your child’s developmental needs in mind, and we are committed to serving only organic milk.

Our extended operating hours from 7:00am to 6pm cater to busy parents’ schedules. Our private, spacious, and fun-filled playgrounds feature open spaces, green-filled views, and fun play structures that allow children to have fun outdoors while forming a love of nature.

We are proud of all we offer at Western Heights Montessori Academy, and we invite you to schedule a private tour to experience our program. We welcome your feedback to continuously exceed your expectations and achieve our goal of becoming the best Montessori school in Oakville and Mississauga.

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