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Parent Resources

Parent Resources

At Western Heights Montessori Academy, we believe children reach their full potential when everyone is involved in their learning journey. We know, as parents, you would like to witness all the milestones your child achieves and help them get there sooner with the proper tools, resources and feedback. Here are some resources about Montessori education that you could use to familiarize yourself with what’s happening in your child’s classroom.


What goes on inside a Montessori classroom? How do parents explain what’s so special about the program? Why does NBA superstar Stephen Curry credit his Montessori experience with helping him become the person he is today? Check out the AMS Montessori video series, where you can see and hear about all of this—firsthand!




Montessori International, published quarterly by the Montessori St. Nicholas Charity, features articles about child development and activity ideas for school and home.

Montessori Lifethe American Montessori Society’s award-winning quarterly publication,  is available through membership with AMS. Subscriptions without membership are also available; visit Shop AMS.

Tomorrow’s Child, published 5 times a year by The Montessori Foundation, explores the questions parents ask most often about the Montessori approach, at school and at home.


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