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Discover An Exciting New Grade 1 Program at Maple Grove Campus: Western Heights Montessori Academy’s Elementary Program Launch Offer


Get ready for an exciting addition to the Maple Grove Campus this fall – our brand-new elementary Grade 1 program! Western Heights Montessori Academy is proud to introduce our Lower Elementary program, specially tailored for your 6 to 7-year-old child entering grades 1 or 2. Designed with your child in mind, this program nurtures their educational journey while upholding Montessori principles.

Our comprehensive curriculum, with a low teacher-to-student ratio of 1:15, offers personalized learning in core subjects like Mathematics, Language, French, Mandarin, Culture, Computers, Music, and Physical Education. This well-rounded approach ensures a tailored education to meet your child’s needs. At the same time, they also reap the benefits of French language studies, which will be an excellent preparation for French immersion programs in the future.

Montessori-Inspired Curriculum

Our comprehensive curriculum, deeply rooted in Montessori principles, covers a broad range of subjects such as:

  • Mathematics and Language
  • French and Mandarin
  • Culture: Geography, History, Science, and Social Studies
  • ComputersMusic, and Physical Education

This well-rounded education allows students to develop their skills and interests while nurturing their growth as independent learners.

French Language Advancement

At Western Heights, we strongly emphasize French language development to prepare your child for future success in French Immersion programs. Our engaging approach to teaching French ensures that learning a second language is fun and meaningful.

Join the Western Heights Community

Book Your Private Tour

Discover our unique campus by booking a private tour today! Our admissions team will guide you through our facilities and classrooms, showcasing the Montessori approach. Witness how our low teacher-to-student ratio, personalized learning, and engaging curriculum create a nurturing environment for your child. To schedule your tour, please get in touch with our admissions office at maplegrove@westernheightsmontessori.com or 905-849-4777.

Enrollment Incentives

To celebrate the addition of our Grade 1 program, we are offering a special enrollment incentive: the first 10 students to enroll will enjoy a $2,000 tuition discount for the 2024-2025 school year. Hurry, spots are limited!

  1. Personalized Learning – Tailored to each child’s needs.
  2. Low Teacher-to-Student Ratio – Just 1:15 for optimum attention.
  3. Comprehensive Curriculum – Including French, Mandarin, Music, Math, Language, Science, Geography, History, and Physical Education featuring our popular yoga program..
  4. Preparation for French Immersion – Sets the foundation for future language success.

Join the  community and give your child an exceptional educational adventure!

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